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    Experience holistic wellness at Sri Krishna Ayurveda Hospital

    SRI KRISHNA AYURVEDIC HOSPITAL journey began in the year 2014 by our FOUNDER & CHAIRMAN DR MORUSUPALLI DILIP and MANAGING DIRECTOR DR MORUSUPALLI RAMAVANI. During his graduation itself DR MORUSUPALLI DILIP was interested in Rasa shastra dep . He used to do various formulation for chronic diseases like osteoarthritis, psoriasis, male and female infertility, hypertension, diabetes and various chronic disorders. He gave an excellent formulation for all.
    In the year 2016 DR MORUSUPALLI DILIP and Dr MORUSUPALLI RAMAVANI work together in infertility which is a raging epidemic in today's India and that leads to creation of Kidra Kumari , an unique medicine for uttarvasthi.
    DR MORUSUPALLI DILIP wants to make this medicine in modernized form and introduced in vial. Kidra Kumar Tailam is only for uttarvasthi use and we also performed thousands of uttarvasthi in infertility and seen its results, we wonder why people have no faith in traditional medicine and still insist on spending humongous amount of money in allopathic fertility centers.​​

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    To be the best in the family of Ayurveda & provide the best solution in health care in the world.


    Everytime you enter an Ayurveda hospital or a college, you would find the Dhanvantari statue guarding and beautifying the entrance....

    Ayurveda Goals!

    Ayurveda is a complementary Health care system practiced since time immemorial. One would want to pursue Ayurveda as a choice...


    Of the many ways Ayurveda treats and heals, Panchakarma is a widely used facility that rejuvenates the body and the...

    Kidra Kumari Tailam

    Kidra Kumari Tailam is an innovative medicine in vial form for Uttarvasthi in the management of infertility.
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